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Keeping You Informed on Issues Impacting Employer Sponsored Health Plans

At CPI-HR we understand the difficulties of keeping-up on the changes with employee benefits, health care reform and other issues impacting your employer-sponsored health plans.  We also understand the importance, so when you subscribe to our emails you'll receive critical legal alerts, monthly webinar invitations and live seminar announcements.  If you haven't subscribed to our monthly emails you can use the links below to register for the on-demand webinars you find relevant. 

Our subject matter experts can also be made available to speak at your organization or association.  If it's expertise you're looking for in the matters of employee benefits, human capital management systems and health and welfare plan compliance, contact us.


Year in Review & Future Forecast

2016 was a year full of legal and regulatory changes. Join us as we give a year in review and forecast 2017 during an informative webinar.

Wednesday, December 14, 12-1:00PM EST >>Register Now<<

Post Election: What Employer Can Expect on Benefits

With the end of the Obama Administration, and the new presidential term what can we expect in the benefits industry?

Wednesday, November 16, 12-1:00PM EST >>Register Now<<

Bruce Campbell

Changing Consumer Behavior to Get the Most from Your Wellness Program

Ever wonder what works and what doesn't work when it comes to influencing your employees to change behaviors? This webinar will address how to develop a strategy to positively impact consumer choices, what tools you should know about and what is working.

Wednesday, November 11, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Armand Dilanchian

Trends in Prescription Drug Benefits

In this webinar we'll discuss the trending of drug prices and learn more about the factors impacting your pharmacy benefit costs and plan design options.

Wednesday, October 21, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

Cafeteria Plan Change in Status

This webinar reviews the irrevocable election rules governing cafeteria plans and the circumstances under which elections may be changed during the year.

Wednesday, October 7, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

FMLA and Employee Benefit Plans

An overview of FMLA and a closer look at how the FMLA applies to employees enrolled in group health plan coverage at the time of their leave.

Wednesday, September 9, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Bruce Campbell

Wellness Programs: Setting Goals and Expectations to “Fit” Your Company

Learn how we define Wellness, how to craft a wellness program strategy, and what type of vendors to include. This webinar will also discuss how to define goals for your wellness program and provide clarity in the area of ROI expectations and timeline.

Wednesday, October 28, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

On-Demand Webinar: "The Clock is Ticking: Time to Prepare for ACA Reporting Requirements"

Join Mike Grinnell and Kirsten Tudman, experts at helping companies prepare for ACA requirements, as they discuss the policies and procedures you need to be prepared for by 2016.

>>View Now<<

Stacy Barrow

Live Webinar: Consumer Directed Health Plans, HSA & Account-Based Plans

During this webinar we discuss the rules relating to high deductible health plans and their interaction with account-based plans such as FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs.

Wednesday, July 15, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

Live Webinar: Wellness Programs and Creative Benefit Plan Designs

A review of the ACA’s new rules for wellness programs and their interaction with other federal laws such as the ADA and GINA.

Wednesday, August 5, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Smart Compliance

Webinar: Ensure You're Ready for a DOL Audit of ACA Reporting

Are you Audit Ready? The DOL is conducting audits on employers of all sizes – large or small. Learn more about the audit process, what they’re looking for and some tools available to keep your company audit ready.

Wednesday, May 13, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Scott Stauffer

Defined Contribution Model: 2015 Private Exchange Enrollment Trends

 Learn the basics of a defined contribution model for health benefits, 2015 Private Exchange enrollment trends and how the Private Exchange model will continue to impact employers into 2016 and beyond.

Wednesday, May 20, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Human Resources Tools

Live Webinar: Tools for the Human Resources Professional - Employee Handbook

Time to dust off your employee handbook. Does it still reflect your company mission and culture as well as is it compliant with current federal and state laws?

Wednesday, June 3, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Captives Expert in Ohio

On-Demand Webinar: Captives as a Health Care Reform Strategy

Is a group captive the right strategy for your company? During this webinar, we will provide information as to why the average Employer’s performance in a captive is equivalent to saving 15% or more compared to their fully insured options. We will also uncover why the vast majority of large employers self-fund and how you can join them.

Wednesday, March 18, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

John Marshall

On-Demand Webinar: Medical Claims Data Analysis

 John Marshall, Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) Actuarial Director, will go over evaluating claims data and determining what it means. Learn how to manage claims and control and project future claims.

Wednesday, March 25, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Bruce Campbell

On-Demand Webinar: Population Health Management & Wellness Trends

Trying to crack the Wellness Plan mystery? Do you feel like there are more questions than answers? You're not alone. In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Campbell will cover Wellness and Population Health Management trends for 2016 and discuss the future of Total Health Management for employers.

Wednesday, April 1, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow of Proskauer

On-Demand Webinar: Self-Funding Principles. Self-Insuring Group Health Plans

Join us as Stacy Barrow from our Compliance Team provides an overview of self-funding principles and offers considerations for employers thinking of self-insuring their group health plan in light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Wednesday, April 8, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow of Proskauer

On-Demand Webinar: Self-Funding Principles. Self-Insuring Group Health Plans

Join us as Stacy Barrow from our Compliance Team provides an overview of self-funding principles and offers considerations for employers thinking of self-insuring their group health plan in light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Wednesday, April 8, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

Preparing for a Department of Labor (DOL) Welfare Plan Audit

This webinar will teach the who, what, where, when and why of agency audits from temployee benefits law and compliance expert, Stacy H. Barrow, Esq.

Wednesday, March 16, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Emerging Trends: Increase Utilization of Telemedicine in Your Organization

Learn the benefits of utilizing telemedicine for employees in your organization and the potential ROIs when providing 24/7 access to live, on-demand personal service for all members.

Wednesday, April 13, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

The $3 Trillion Dollar Riddle

Lead Health will present a case study of what happens when we use root cause analysis or a TQM (Total Quality Management) approach to health care with expert, Sonja Horner.

Wednesday, April 20, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

FMLA and Employee Benefit Plans: Understanding the Interaction

Join expert Stacy Borrow, Esq. for a special webinar on the interactions between FMLA and Employee Benefits Plans.

Wednesday, May 11, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<


Best Practices for Switching HR Technology Providers

Changing HR technology providers? This can't miss webinar will outline best practices for the vetting and execution process tailored to your needs.

Wednesday, May 25, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Stacy Barrow

Affordable Care Act and Cadillac Tax - An Overview

Understanding the Cadillac Tax, applicable coverage, and how to avoid it.

Wednesday, June, 8 2016 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Bobbi Kloss

Overtime Regulations: A Human Resources Perspective

Bobbi Kloss provides a unique look at the recent overtime regulations changes through the eyes of Human Resources Personnel.

Wednesday, June 14, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Jamie Hawkins

ACA Reporting: Lessons Learned & Forecast

Jamie Hawkins provides a unique look at ACA Reporting and what the future holds.

Wednesday, July 6, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

John Vertas

Prescription Drug Benefits: Strategy for Pharmacy Benefits Management

Are you talking pharmacy with your clients? If not, someone else is - gain the knowledge to start this valuable conversation.

Wednesday, July 20, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Will Clover



A Wellness Program on a Budget

Affordable wellness programs are not a myth! Develop a wellness program on a limited budget with wellness author and CEO Will Clower.

August 3, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Legal Aspects of Account-Based Plans - HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs under the ACA

HR pros learn the legal aspects of account based plans and changes under ACA in this educational webinar with an industry expert.

Wednesday, August 17, 12-1:00PM EST   >>Register Now<<

Bobbi Kloss

Top 10 Mistakes for HR Audits

Are you making any of the Top 10 Mistakes for HR Audits? Learn the offenses and how to correct them if you have fallen in the trap!

Wednesday, August 31, 12-1:00PM EST >>Register Now<<


FLSA - New Overtime Regulations

Need help understanding the new FLSA regulations and how they will impact your business? Learn the basics, debunk the myths.

Wednesday, September 21, 12-1:00PM EST >>Register Now<<

ACA Update & Pre-Election Outlook

What are the potential outcomes that could effect the benefits industry after the election results are in? Join us 10/12/16 as Stacy H. Barrow, Esq. provides insight during this webinar.

Wednesday, October 12, 12-1:00PM EST  >>Register Now<<

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