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Time and Labor Management

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) Platform provides the time-tracking and reporting you need to remain compliant with new ACA legislation.

Time tracking and scheduling of work have been around for as long as workforces themselves. However, the recent legislative changes under the Affordable Care Act have changed many of our long standing definitions. Thus making the employer’s job in this area critically important as it relates to compliance.

Rest assured that an employer can now track the needed time regardless of the current definition of full time worker. Stability Periods, Look Back Periods, and all ACA reporting are now standard features within our solution.

Several Hardware options exist to meet an employer's unique needs and handheld applications allow for 24/7 remote management. HR & Financial professionals can now enjoy a robust bi-directional interface between the time/labor system and the Human Capital Management system. This is achieved through a single sign-on solution and an informational flow that bonds two systems together as one.

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