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Payroll Reporting Tools

CPI-HR’s customizable payroll reporting tools keep you informed of Human Capital Management expenses.

In most cases, the cost of salaries, benefits and taxes for your employees can be your largest expense. Consequently, CPI-HR has established a myriad of reporting options and capabilities to manage, track, and share these details as required.

Employers can establish “favorites” to ensure only those reports desired are the ones that are produced every pay period. Ad hoc query capabilities are at your fingertips when you want to poll your data in various ways whenever desired. This data can then be formatted into a report, or external format as needed.

Over 600 reports, sorted by function, come standard in the application and all can be customized as needed. You can also create your own reports, from scratch, with ease and at no cost to you. When graphical presentations are required, a robust report analytics tool is available that includes dynamic field change capability, heat maps, and all analysis tools.