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Payroll HR

Payroll & Tax Management

CPI-HR’s payroll tax management and tax filing output handling services are a critical aspect to our overall service.

Your employees expect to be paid on-time and accurately at every pay period while you, the employer, expect this to occur as your risk is managed and minimized. When you entrust this critical function to CPI-HR we take care of both.

We provide you with clear processing schedules for the year yet allow for some last minute flexibility for unforeseen bonus runs of off cycle payrolls. We take responsibility for filing your taxes and ensure your employees enjoy several payment options such as multiple account deposits, MICR encoding checks, and secure paycard options.

CPI-HR Payroll Services Includes the following:

  • Fully integrated Tax Management support
  • Cloud based real time processing
  • Online Employee check preview
  • Complete Integration with Time & Labor Management & HR Functionality
  • Secure data handling and storage with redundant recovery capability
  • Scales from small business to employers with 1000’s of employees
  • Social media and App enabled

To find out more about our tax management and filing services, contact us.