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About CPI-HR

Our Core Values

At CPI-HR, based in Solon, Ohio, our Core Values are extremely important to us.  If you walk the halls in our office building, you will see our Values displayed on the walls and in people’s workspaces.  We encourage everyone to live by and demonstrate the following core values:


  • Always be honest with yourself and others. Trust creates more trust. 
  • Do what you know is right, even if it is a difficult decision.  Always help clients make decisions in their best interest.
  • Demonstrate accountability by completing your commitments to the best of your ability, on time and without reminders.
  • Exude confidence in your values, work ethic, and intentions.
  • Answer questions conscientiously and accurately and when uncertain take the time to research before responding.
  • Disclose all relevant information needed for decision making.
  • Listen attentively to others to completely understand their needs and deliver appropriate solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

  • Initiate and execute ideas and solutions, including those that challenge the status quo.
  • Have a bias for structure and operational discipline.  Create systems and processes that support our ability to perform consistently.
  • Take pride in your work and show a personal dedication to quality, ensuring that accurate work is produced initially.
  • Anticipate the needs of clients and colleagues and proactively handle them in a way that exceeds expectations.
  • Appearance counts - Speak, dress and behave as a professional. Take responsibility to see that our office is clean, neat and professional.
  • Continuously improve your knowledge, skills and abilities through the use of a Personal Strategic Development Plan.
  • Make decisions that reflect a reverence for long-term relationships.

Positive Culture

  • Recognize and celebrate one another’s achievements and contributions.
  • Incorporate fun and excitement into routine activities. Be light hearted and smile.
  • Encourage one another to see the positive in each situation. Practice impartial problem solving. 
  • Treat others with respect and courtesy and always do what is best for the team.
  • Listen to others with full attention and understand their perspective.
  • Choose a positive attitude.
  • Focus energy on creatively finding solutions to problems.
  • Embrace change by accepting the opportunities of organizational growth.
  • Seek to create win/win solutions.