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Integrated Event Management

Integrated Service Approach

Our technology is offered in a single code and single database solution that simply is one system and provides employers with one system of record. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world through most common browsers.

Departmental/Functional Integration

Our SaaS solution is offered to Employers without the need of onsite servers, dedicated PC’s and dedicated IT people. CPI-HR’s hosted solution offered as a Software as a Service model keeps your costs down and power up. Built in a contemporary environment with best in breed tools, our technology not only assures the data is at your fingertips, but is easily managed and safely stored.

Remove “Sticky Notes” & To-Do Lists

Most of the employers we work with come to CPI-HR with “to do lists” for new hires and terminations. We have often wondered why our industry has created this reality for our customers and consequently made it our purpose to take as much off those to do lists as we can.

New Hire & Termination Management

Why should a customer who works with us for both HCM and COBRA have to tell us twice about an employee being terminated? The simple answer is they don’t. CPI-HR has amended our processes behind the scenes to make sure a termination in our HCM system flows right into our COBRA system, employees are made aware timely on their options, and if elected, premiums can be recovered without any intervention from our clients.

The same can be said for new hires, once they elect their benefits, where in many cases automatic enrollment can be set up without employers have to tell us when or what to do on their behalf.

Carrier Integration / Connectivity

CPI-HR prides itself on having efficient integrative options with almost all carriers in the country. Employers can benefit from this network and capability making sure data is securely moved from our system of record to the carriers each customer chooses.