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FSA Administration, Smart Debit Card

CPI-HR's Smart FSA Administration comes with the Smart Debit Card; saving your employees time while providing a convenient way to access their account.

FSA Administration with the Smart Debit Card provides the following:

  • Increase Tax Savings – Increases the amount FSA participants contribute to the plan resulting in an increase in tax savings for you and your employees
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction – Up to a 40% increase in the number of employees enrolling and in the amount of each contribution
    • Widely Accepted – Accepted at all participating merchants.  The Debit Card technology limits access at non-qualified merchants
    • Real-time Balances – Integration of manual and electronic claims data provides up to date balances
  • Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses –
    • Payment is automatically transferred when the card is used
    • Participant’s card balance is automatically reduced
  • Innovative Program – With this program you can attract new employees and retain existing employees
  • Single Card – Health Care, Dependent Care and Transit reimbursement accounts are available on the same card
  • Post Tax Capability – Account balance overages for parking, transit and dependent care purchases can be covered via payroll deduction, personal credit card, or electronic funds transfer
  • Automated Repayment System – Web-based system for repayment of ineligible expenses
  • Fully Compliant with IRS Regulations – Meets all substantiation requirements of the IRS including:
    • Participant’s statement
    • Provider’s statement
    • Third party adjudication

Contact us to learn more about the FSA Administration Smart Debit Card.

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FSA Administration, Smart Debit Card

FSA Administration, Smart Debit Card
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