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With CPI-HR’s Employment Law Support, Advice is a Click Away!

Access to employment law attorneys and an online portal is available as often as needed.

As employers, we understand how your organization faces changing employment laws and ongoing employee issues. You have questions about Wage/Hour, Workers' Compensation, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Benefits, ADA and more. Questions about compliance with federal and state regulations, hiring, termination, harassment, discrimination, layoffs, wage/hour, exempt/non-exempt, and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are among some of today's top human resource issues. 

CPI-HR recognizes these challenges and provides the CPI-HR's Employment Law Support to deliver best practice advice and counsel on many of the human resource and employment law issues that our clients face.

With CPI-HR's Employment Law Support, attorneys from a national law firm provide advice & counsel to thousands of private, non-profit and government employers across the U.S. CPI-HR's Employment Law Support clients range in size from small "main street" businesses with under 10 employees to large organizations with in-house legal resources and human resource departments.

Access to employment law attorneys and a state-of-the-art Online Portal is available as often as needed.

The CPI-HR Employment Law Support is here to help your organization with these challenges! 

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How does CPI-HR's Employment Law Support work?

Employers are provided:
    • Toll-free and online access to attorneys from a national law firm for documented responses to their specific HR/Employment Law risk management and compliance questions no later than the end of the next business day.

  • Access to an HR Compliance Portal which includes valuable HR resources, news, a state-specific employee handbook builder, online unlawful harassment training, and more...
Employers ask legal questions as often as they have them and attorneys respond to over 50 different HR/Employment Law risk management and compliance issues.

Questions may include:
    • I need to fire an employee,
      what do I do?
    • Do we need to comply with FMLA?
    • Is my employee considered exempt or non-exempt? And, do I have to
      pay overtime?
    • We are going through a layoff. Could you provide me with some guidance?


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