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Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service

With Smart Payroll/HR’s easy-to-use web interface for Employee Self Service (ESS), your organization is more connected and gets decisions made and implemented faster.

Many companies today are choosing to involve their employees in keeping their records up to date.  Employee Self Service is a very powerful feature of the application and can be used in a limited, moderate, or fully deployed capacity.

This tool allows an employee to do the following:

  • Update all appropriate demographic information
  • Enroll in benefits or participate in open enrollment
  • View and print their pay stub
  • Request time off
  • View and print their customized benefits statement which includes both employee and employer costs; thus seeing the total value of their compensation
  • View available training and enroll
  • Access and view all inter company documents such a handbooks, Benefits Polices, etc. without having to call HR.

All from a simple yet secure access over the Internet.

Managers often work in a separate location than their direct reports or simply need to be aware of and approve many requests or changes made by an employee.   Manager Self Service is designed to create a flow of approvals and information sharing that mirrors your policies. Supported by our robust Workflow Management System, simple requests generated from anywhere in the world can be made sure to follow your designed policies long before payroll or HR process the request.

By making the daily administrative and necessary tasks easy to manage, our ESS/MSS capability goes a long way towards enhancing your people and profit!

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