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Benefit Advisors — Employee Benefits Strategic Planning

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

Most successful companies utilize Business Strategic Planning to set priorities and goals for the organization’s future. An Employee Benefits Strategic Plan employs the same approach but is specific to Employee Benefits planning. In an environment of consistently rising health care costs and ever changing health care regulations, it is essential for organizations to create long-term strategies with short-term objectives and have a process in place to review annually.

The financial realities of uncontrolled health care costs can significantly impact your organization’s financial performance, negatively impact shareholder value, become a drain on company performance, and reflect negatively on the Human Resource Department.  Yet with all these negative impacts, most companies only practice short-term tactical planning in this area. 

Request a free consultation from CPI-HR's benefit advisors to learn more about employee benefit strategic planning.

Employee Benefit Strategic Planning includes all of the following:

  • Management Interviews
  • Employee Surveys
  • Communication and Education on Long-term Planning
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Compliance Assessment/Audit
  • Population Health Management/Wellness Planning
  • Key Metrics Baseline Analysis

By adopting a Strategic Benefit Planning process, companies can make decisions regarding their benefits and health care with significantly less stress. 


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