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COBRA Administration

The advantages of teaming up with CPI-HR for COBRA Administration…cost effective proactive compliance.

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Our clients enjoy:

  • Reduction in internal administration expenses
    • No people to train
    • No software service fees, or need to buy or upgrade
    • No records to keep, or manuals to buy or update
    • No ex-employees to track
  • Transfers of liability for services rendered
    • Avoid costly penalties for compliance failures (fines of $110 per day, per individual, per incident, plus legal fees, and possible medical claims)
    • Provides precise, confidential, and fair COBRA adjudication at all work locations
    • Eliminates costly claims from ineligible continuants
      • Continuants that were late to elect
      • Continuants that did not pay premiums properly or on time
      • Continuants that elected coverage options that were not available to them
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • CPI-HR provides personalized, responsive, flexible service through an experienced administrator assigned specifically to your account
    • CPI-HR handles all of those time consuming calls from ex-employees and carriers—calls that other administrators refer back to you
    • CPI-HR provides your staff and participants with a national toll-free hotline for information and support—quickly becoming an extension to your benefits team—offering a 24-hour online access for staff and participants

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COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration
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Why Outsource COBRA Administration

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