Attract, Retain, and Optimize Employee Performance with HCM Technology.

At CPI-HR we work with our clients and HR Directors to reduce workload and provide technological solutions that make day-to-day operations more efficient and effective. CPI-HR payroll offers an HCM tool that does just this. The robust HCM Technology Platform helps companies to attract, retain, and optimize employee performance. This can be especially valuable to HR Directors, and Managers with continually mounting tasks that need to save time and resources. CPI-HR payroll accomplishes this with three major functions:

1. Applicant Tracking/Recruiting solutions offers robust functionality with posting jobs to various job boards across the internet, while fully integrating the employee on-boarding process directly into the Payroll/HR database.

2. Integrated Employee Self Service, with the ability to view Total Compensation statements allows for retention of employees through better communication of Compensation & Benefits.

3. Optimizing employee performance through the use of a Training & Career Development module, fully integrated within the Payroll/HR database for managing employee professional growth.

We offer a unique HCM Cloud Based system that integrates the entire recruiting to retirement process with Application Tracking, Time & Attendance Tracking, ACA, Payroll & HR, along with robust reporting capabilities, and all within one fully integrated system.

CPI-HR clients currently utilizing this technology solution are pleased with the system’s ease of use and the ability it gives them to allow employees to communicate direct through the software.

To learn out more about client success stories, or how you can increase efficiency with a CPI-HR HCM tool please contact your CPI-HR HCM Consultant, or call 440-542-7800.


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