3 Takeaways When Considering Wellness in the Workplace

Recently, people’s overall health, wellness and nutrition are trending topics in the workplace. There seems to be pressure lately on companies creating a “healthy” environment for their employees. It is no secret that healthier and happier employees produce higher levels of output in the workplace. After discussing Wellness Programs with our in house expert, Ginny Fitz, she shared her knowledge on a variety of topics. Listed below are three takeaways that everyone in the industry should read:

Know your current baseline

In order to implement a successful company wellness program, you should advise employees to know their current health conditions before starting a program. They can obtain this information with a simple annual physical exam with their primary care physician. By being aware of their current medical conditions, employees will be able to properly adapt the wellness program to their needs and capabilities.


It is very important to notify your employees of the wellness options your company offers. Hosting a Q&A session to clarify offerings, the impacts of their decisions, and ease any confusion or concerns will go a long way with your team. Something as simple as a sign in the office can help inform your employees of the new program.

Get moving

It’s time to get moving! Encouraging employees to do something, like taking a long walk on their break, or walking the dog after dinner, will kick off your wellness program with small steps. The key component is to get your team moving more than they did they day before! Everyone has to start somewhere; take the stairs instead of the elevator and rise to the top of the health and wellness trend!

If your company needs assistance in creating and/or implementing a Wellness Program for you and your employees, then you can either visit our website at cpihr.com for more information or call us at 440-542-7800 and ask for Ginny Fitz.


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