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Benefits Administration

Benefits Administrators

CPI-HR decided from the beginning to cross-train our benefits administrators and provide each client with one account manager for their multi-service packages. 

Our professional benefits administrators can manage the following:

  • COBRA Administration
    • CPI-HR's COBRA Administration outsourcing solutions are streamlining Human Resources departments across the country. Our customized solutions maintain strict compliance and utilize cutting-edge technology to provide virtually paperless administration. Leave the work and the liability to our specialized professionals.
  • FSA Administration
    • CPI-HR offers fully automated approaches to FSA Administration, Dependent Care Account, and Adoption Assistance, including coordination between the plans. Ongoing operation is accomplished by a periodic full file replacement that captures both demographic and payroll information. The elimination of manual data entry ensures that our system receives accurate information.
  • HRA/Split Funding Administration
    • CPI-HR offers a unique approach to HRA administration. This includes a complex reimbursement platform that is flexible to meet clients’ needs.  
  • HSA Administration
    • CPI-HR offers a fully automated approach to HSA administration. This includes a seamless stacking ability on the same debit card as a “Limited purpose FSA” program. As with all of our programs, an electronic file feed is uploaded directly into our system to ensure data integrity and error-free processing.

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COBRA Administration

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FSA Administration

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FSA Administration Online

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FSA Administration

FSA Administration
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FSA Administration Online

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