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Human Resource Software — Payroll Service Overview

At CPI-HR, we have the tools and service infrastructure ready to enhance all areas of your relationships with your future, current, or past employees.

Managing the diverse and real time needs of your employees requires forward thinking HR technology. A single- source database is truly the most efficient way to ensure minimal keystrokes are needed to update many common areas of the application. CPI-HR has the power and architecture necessary to service all of the critical functions of the employee life cycle.

CPI-HR offers an advanced product and practical approach to meet your payroll and HR Technology needs.  Our services are designed for companies of all sizes -- small, medium, and national accounts.

CPI-HR is pleased to offer a full-service payroll application and service on a stand alone basis. You can leverage CPI-HR to pay your employees, file federal, state, and local taxes, and provide your quarterly and annual filings.  Our payroll system features the following:

As a further convenience, CPI-HR is proud to offer a paperless solution for those employers who are looking to eliminate paper waste/usage as part of their commitment to the environment.

All pay frequencies are supported and the following payment choices are available as part of our standard service offering:

  • Check
  • Multiple checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Multiple direct deposits
  • Pay card

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